Nikolaos Papoutsis

Software engineer

Curriculum vitæ (pdf)

About me

Full-stack software engineer with expertise in front-/back-end web development and server infrastructure. Recent Masters graduate, current fellow at CERN, with experience working in a variety of diverse and distributed development teams using agile methodologies. Fluent in English and French, I am hard-working, committed to continuous professional development and motivated to support scientific communication and public engagement with science.


CERN - Geneva

Software engineer

  • Developing web applications for providing the necessary software tools to support and manage the network, telephony, and group services at CERN.
  • Full-stack web development using Java EE, JSP and Spring (for CSDB) and AngularJS, jQuery, Grails and GSP (for LanDB)
  • Microservices development using Spring Boot, RESTful APIs and Maven
  • Testing using Junit and Mockito
  • Agile software development using Scrum, Jira for issue tracking, Fisheye & Crucible for code reviews and GitLab for version control and CI/CD

DigiDago - Lyon

Web Developer

  • Plugins development using PHP, LESS/SASS and Javascript
  • Design and development of themes using HTML and SCSS
  • Development of a mobile app for Android and iOS using the Ionic framework, based on AngularJS and Apache Cordova
  • Set up the server infrastructure using Ubuntu/Apache and CI/CD using Jenkins

CineGlobe - Geneva

Web Developer

  • Website development for
  • Update of the internal tool for movie ratings

CERN - Geneva

Web Developer

  • Front-end web development using HTML, LESS/SASS, Javascript, Jinja2 and Bootstrap
  • Ongoing use of version control software git for deployment
  • Organised and conducted 3 rounds of web usability testing
  • Set up WordPress websites for internal use, such as to host documentation

MPASS - Athens

Mobile Developer

  • Development 2 Android applications written in Java, using the Scrum agile development process
  • Responsible for all aspects of the development process
  • Used git version control system on the Bitbucket service
  • Presented the final products to meetings with clients and other stakeholders

Frapress - Athens

Web Developer

  • Developed, updated and re-designed the website using HTML, CSS and PHP
  • Automated the editorial process, using social media tools
  • Conducted website optimisation to improve user experience, page speed and search engine rankings
  • Assisted editors with technical queries and suggested search engine optimisation techniques
  • Participated in decision-making as member of the executive board

AIESEC Youth Organisation - Athens

Web Developer

  • Overall responsible for the online presence of AIESEC Greece in social media and website
  • Developed and updated the network of AIESEC Greece websites
  • Maintained communication with 7 Local Committees across the country
  • Managed the online presence of AIESEC Greece in social media




Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

2016 - 2017

Master in Information Technologies and Web

Athens University of Economics and Business

Bachelor in Computer Science



Personal websites

Development of the websites and by using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and gulp. Set up a DigitalOcean server for hosting the websites using Apache, MySQL, SSH, git. Set up an SSL certificate SSL (Let's Encrypt).


TEDxCERN - Geneva

Managed and updated the content of the TEDxCERN Drupal website and collaborated with the rest of the organising team and participated in decision-making.


TEDxAUEB - Athens

Responsible for the web development and IT support of TEDxAUEB 2015, I developed the TEDxAUEB 2015 website on the open-source CMS WordPress. In addition, I managed the newsletter campaigns to over 500 subscribers and took part in decision-making as member of the core executive board.